You Don’t Need Another Product
Tactics Are Temporary & Aren’t A Long-Term Business Building Solution…
You Don’t Need More Knowledge
Tricks Are Deceptive & Not The Way You Want To Do Business…
You Need More Implementation To Be Successful!

Enter Your Strategic Path To Profits™. . .
Hi – 
Have you ever thought to yourself, there has to be a different way to run a successful business?...a way that fits you, that resonates with your values and core beliefs?... a way that feels good for everyone involved…whether they end up buying from you or not?

You aren’t alone…

The challenge sometimes is finding that for yourself in all the noise and clutter in the world today.
This isn’t about some Pollyanna, feel good, pie in the sky nonsense either…it’s about having a successful business (whatever that means to you) and doing it in a way that makes you proud, that has a positive effect on you, those you come in contact with (clients and prospects), AND makes the world a better place.
If you’re interested in that then keep reading…if you aren’t...I hope you find what you’re looking for…it’s just that I'm not the right person for you, and that’s ok!
The 3 Basics To Building Your Business
What if there were only 3 things needed to build the successful business you’ve always dreamed of?

If you’re interested in taking your business to 6 Figures & Beyond™ in profits (and that’s not some slogan and it’s not real money in your bank account) then there are 3 things you must do to get there…

The 3 things you need to take your business to 6 Figures & Beyond™ are:
  •  Rapid Profit Acceleration
  •  Leveraged Growth
  •  Strategic Implementation
You Can Make 6 Figures In The Next 90 Days…

Before you call BS and go away, let me tell you how I know this can happen and why I said you CAN and not you WILL!

We’re all skeptical…

I was too!
But I just did it! Yes, I made $108,150.00 in 13 weeks between March 16th and June 8th this year.

Let me explain how this happened…and I'm only telling you this to prove to you that it can happen, and more to the point that you can do it too – because I'm no more or less special than you are; I'm not more or less capable than you are. As a matter of fact, I was at a low point in my life and business when I started this.

In March, I was on Facebook on a Saturday afternoon and saw an announcement for a live stream by a marketer I knew but had never worked with before and decided to listen in to a program about making 6 figures in 90 days.
 I was skeptical but I respected this guy…and to be clear I wasn’t skeptical that it could be done, because I have helped 31 people do it in my career. Truth is, I was skeptical that I could do it – at least at that time in my life and my business.

I wasn’t going to buy anything – just listen and watch…then I started taking notes and engaging in the Livestream. A couple days later I was the phone and signing up for the program.

I still didn’t believe I could do it. I set my goal at $40,000 for the 13 weeks – because that was where my belief level was at that point in time.
Speaking of belief…sometimes, all you need is one person to believe in you and it changes everything in your life and/or your business.

Ever feel like nobody believed in you?

Ever lose belief in yourself?
I found that belief in this program and I want to be that for you if you need it now…I believe in you and I want to help you believe in yourself again – even if you haven’t fully lost belief, we all have doubts and sometimes it just takes a slight shift to see things differently.

By the way, here’s proof and you can see how I did each of the 13 weeks – the 2 weeks you see that were at zero are the weeks I moved from Lexington, Kentucky back to Atlanta, Georgia.
Strategic Path to Profits™
November 15-16, 2018
Atlanta, Georgia
“I Was In A Very Bad Place When I Attended My First Diane Conklin Event… Diane Helped Me Get On The Other Side of That”
“The first time I attended one of Diane's events, I was in a very bad place. I was overwhelmed, in debt, and feeling like my business was not going to recover. My business was running me. I'd been in this movie before: coaches collecting a monthly draw from my business and all I got was a whole lot of the same milk toast advice and deeper in the hole.
But I knew that my business had potential, I just didn't know how to tap into it. And I didn't need another bad coaching experience.

It took time to work through the junk I had piled on to my business, and I still have work to do, but I can say with confidence that my business is on the other side now. And I know that I wouldn't be here without Diane's support, creativity, advice, and genuine caring spirit. It's so much more fun now that I get to call the shots.”
Joan Ford
Syracuse, New York
“I Was Totally Blown Away By What I Learned…Even Though I’ve Been To All of Diane’s Event For The Past 4 Years Straight!”
"This is like the 4th year straight I’ve been to Diane’s event…and you know, after coming to a bunch of them I thought, how much really new stuff am I going to get out of this one and I have to say, I was blown away and the reason is, because I’m not the same person I was when I first came here a couple years ago. Sometimes you need to hear the same thing more than once in order to have it meet you in the forehead instead of going right over your head. So that’s why I come back.
The other reason I come back is that I’ve been working with Diane and she’s helped me through a huge transition in my business, I went from a product based business to an online teaching based business and I really needed an outside perspective and some help.

So, the next time Diane has an event, get yourself here, we do way more than sit and listen to somebody talk, we actually work on stuff that will get us further in our businesses next week, not months from now, or never like so many of the other events I’ve been to in my career.

Hope to see you at Diane’s next event."
Shelly Stokes
Alexandria, Minnesota
“Before Diane’s Event I Was Throwing Money At My Business With No Real Direction…  Now, My Business Is Growing And I Look Forward To Diane’s Events”
“The first time I attended one of Diane’s events I was struggling with the primary focus of my business. It was something I had been struggling with for a few years and felt like I was throwing money at it, but without any real direction.

I had worked with several business coaches and was still nowhere near figuring out the direction of my business.

In just the first week of working with Diane, she was able to pull out of me what I really wanted to do.

She’s helped me get to a point where I’m working on growing my business and look forward to her events when I get Diane’s insight and knowledge to take my business to the next level.”
Tricia Clements
Marietta, Georgia
Strategic Path to Profits™
November 15-16, 2018
Atlanta, Georgia
What Does All This Have To Do With You?
That’s simple!
I'm hosting my annual fall event November 15-16, 2018, in Atlanta, Georgia, and I'm going to show you exactly how I made over $100,000.00 in less than 90 days and how you can do it too!

You don’t need anything special. I’ll show you how to make money…
  •  Without using your current list
  •  Easily and simply bringing in new clients and  prospects doing things you’re doing everyday anyway 
  •  Authentically, being 100% in line with your business  model and core values 
  •  In a Win-Win environment so you feel good, and your client or prospect feels good too…whether you make the sale or not 
  •  “Tapping” on people’s shoulders…just like I did 
  •  And, Much, much more… 
Strategic Path to Profits™
November 15-16, 2018
Atlanta, Georgia
Are You Wondering If You Can Really Do This Too?
You CAN!
Want to know how I know?

I’ve been sharing these same strategies with my coaching clients……And they are getting amazing results too - - - very similar to mine!

Let me share Holly Kile’s Story with you…
Strategic Path to Profits™
November 15-16, 2018
Atlanta, Georgia
What Does 6 Figures & Beyond™ Really Mean?
You hear people talk about making 6 figures all the time. Here’s the real deal…
It’s not about Making 6 Figures – It’s about Keeping 6 Figures!
PROFITS are what matters, not how much you make!
Profits show up in your bank account…

6 Figures & Beyond™ isn’t some slogan. It’s means you get to do business your way!
6 figures means you get to $100,000.00! And, that’s relatively easy to do. By the way, if you don’t know how much you need to make every month to make 6 figures in your business, that’s the first step…the number is $8,333.33 each and every month.
Beyond can be a variety of things – it might mean getting to the next milestone - $250,000…$500,000…$1,000,000.

It always means you do it your way – whatever that looks like for you and however it makes the most sense.

For some people beyond means more money, for others it means working less hours, for others it means starting new ventures.
It’s always about moving through things quickly and with the client as the #1 priority!

Nothing is more important than the relationships you build with your clients. If that is the guide for everything else in your business, then you’re already in a very good position for success!
Strategic Path to Profits™
November 15-16, 2018
Atlanta, Georgia
Aurea McGarry
Atlanta, GA
David Arsanow
Cheyenne, WY
Baeth Davis
Marina Del Ray, CA
Strategic Path to Profits™
November 15-16, 2018
Atlanta, Georgia
No Cookie Cutters Here…
The important thing to note if you can’t get to these levels of success in your business with a cookie cutter system!

Cookie Cutters only work in the kitchen…for baking cookies – they don’t work in business! EVER!
There are plenty of one-size-fits-all programs, coaches and events out there. That isn’t what the Strategic Path to Profits™ event, or I, am all about…not even close!

One size fits all programs work great for the person selling them to you because they don’t have to do any real work. They develop a program and sell it to you and let you figure it out, or they put on an event where they stand at the front of the room and talk at or to you for 2 or 3 days. Then what?

Most people don’t find success with this model – they just invest money and time and get more and more frustrated because while they feel good for a few days, that external motivation and what sounded good at the event quickly wains.
Your business is unique and different – just like you! No two businesses are alike – even if they are selling the exact same thing – because no two business owners are exactly alike – we all bring different things to the table. We all have different backgrounds, things we’re good at, experiences, desires, philosophies, and the list goes on and on.

Your business is as unique as your fingerprint !
That’s why cookie cutters don’t now and will never work – because they don’t take YOU into consideration!
Strategic Path to Profits™
November 15-16, 2018
Atlanta, Georgia
The Strategic Path to Profits™ Event Is Different
Instead of attending an event that has a predetermined agenda and where you get the exact same thing as everyone else in the room, at the Strategic Path to Profits™ event you will get an individualized and customized plan for your business.

How can that happen, you ask!

Simple, there will be no more than 30 business owners in the room so you get the individual attention you need…From ME (not some associate, not another speaker – there aren’t any – and not from others attending the event)!

The Strategic Path to Profits™ is all about…
  •  Good solid principles you can use in your business for  years to come…I don’t teach or employ tactics because  they change quickly and don't work well anyway...Principles last and don’t change over time (sort of like the law of gravity – it’s true all the time) 
  •  Treating you as an individual who gets a customized  marketing calendar and plan you can use for all of 2019 so you can your team will know exactly what to do  every day. 
  •  A No BS Approach that requires work on your part (you didn’t really think all those promises of no work, easy,  make millions in 12 days, pie in the sky, empty promises people make was going to work anyway…did you?). 
  •  Tough Love when it’s required. Look, somebody has to be willing to tell you the truth and then push you a little to make things happen in your business. How else is change going to happen? How else are you going to get the results you say you want? You have to do things differently – or you will keep getting the same things!
  •   You’ll walk away with a Customized Marketing Calendar for 2019 & A Detailed 90 Day Plan                                     (Not a business plan…you don’t need that!) 
Strategic Path to Profits™
November 15-16, 2018
Atlanta, Georgia
What You Won’t Get At The Strategic Path to Profits™ Event…Or Ever From Me
There are things you will never get from me and certainly not from one of my events. Some of them are…
  •   Cookie Cutter Answers or Programs…this event is certainly not cookie cutter – or anything close…you truly have NEVER been to an event like this one before (Unless you’ve been to another one of mine).
  •   Slimy, High Pressure Sales Tactics…I hate them, won’t  use them and consistently rally against them. Everyone gets treated with dignity and respect…no matter what. And, you’ll never be told you have to buy something else to get an answer to your questions.  
  •   Bait & Switch – No Promise of One Thing & Delivering  Another…or Nothing At All…you’ll get what you came for or you’ll get a full refund! That’s always my guarantee to you!
  •   Information Overload – Let’s Be Clear…You Don’t Need  More Information…You Need More Implementation That’s what we will do for 2 full days so 2019 looks exactly like you want it to and not another repeat of the same thing you got in 2018 (unless that’s what you want).
  •   Poking At Pain Points to Make You Feel Bad or Guilty or  Anything Else As A Reason To Come or Invest In Anything.  You’re a successful business person who deserves to be treated with respect and dignity – you have worked hard to get where you are and you’re entitled to make decisions that make sense to and for you – and I’ll always show you love for that! 
  •   Laziness – I will give you all of me while we’re together and I will expect the same from you.
Ready To Make Some Real Change In A Positive Environment Where You Are Honored?
Strategic Path to Profits™
November 15-16, 2018
Atlanta, Georgia
Frances Whitten
Atlanta, GA
Jesse Longoria
Leander, TX
Tricia Clements
Marietta, GA
Strategic Path to Profits™
November 15-16, 2018
Atlanta, Georgia
One Of The Differences About This Event…
Some people go to events for the “experience,” some go because of where the event is held, and some go for the content alone.
The Strategic Path to Profits™ event, like so many of mine are about implementation and getting your 2019 plan together and then really honing in on what you’re going to do in the next 90 days…

…you’ll discover that 90 day increments are how you build your company. You’ll see exactly how to begin treating every 90 day period like its own year. Do this one thing alone, and watch your profits soar in 2019 and beyond!
One change I recently made to my events is that instead of holding them at a hotel where things are a bit stuffy and pretty much the same, no matter how simple or fancy the hotel is, to a Country Club where the environment is very different. It’s been a big hit!
So, “Strategic Path to Profits™” will be held at the Smoke Rise Country Club in Metro Atlanta. You can see from the pictures that it’s a beautiful venue and Atlanta in November is beautiful with mild temperatures.

There is a very different energy at the County Club than there is at a hotel and the one consistent thing people tell me is they don’t feel as drained and tired at the end of the day like they do when they attend hotel events.

There are pretty views and comfortable chairs. We take long breaks so you can enjoy all the club has to offer. We're treated like welcome guests. The food is good and the country club is a great environment.

Strategic Path to Profits™
November 15-16, 2018
Atlanta, Georgia
Discover Your Strategic Path To Profits™!
Secure Your Spot Now…
Only 30 Seats Available!
See You In Atlanta!
PS – At this event you will meet Client X – Someone who came to an event a couple of years ago and had had a bad experience. She was mad and had acquired more debt than she was comfortable with. She told me she would be happy if she could make $5,000 a month and get out of debt. She attended my fall event in 2017 and completed her Marketing Calendar and 90 day plan (which you will do at the “Strategic Path to Profits™” event) and just a few days before my spring 2018 event she sent me an email telling me that based on her plan from the fall event, her 90 day income goal for January – March 2018 was a little over $65,000, and she was at $64,000 – which puts her on track to make $256,000.00 this year! Not bad when $5,000/month would have made her happy. Want to know how she did it? Reserve your seat now!
PPS – If you’re wondering why the regular investment for the Strategic Path to Profits™ is $997 and not some lower amount it’s simple really. I have colleagues who think I'm crazy for offering this event, with a limit of only 30 attendees, at such a low investment. They think this event should easily be $1,997 and some think I should be offering this boutique type event at an investment of closer to $10,000. I won’t do it. I want to affect as many lives as I possibly can – and this event is one of the biggest ways I do that – so I want to keep the event affordable (and there is a 3-pay option) for every serious business owner, no matter where they are in their business. Who knows, next year, I may increase the investment, I don’t honestly know, but for now, you can get in for only…
Strategic Path to Profits™
November 15-16, 2018
Atlanta, Georgia
REFUNDS & CANCELLATIONS: If something comes up and you can't attend the event, you have up until 30 days before the event to let us know and we will issue you a full refund, or you can apply the fee to the next Complete Marketing Systems event.

GUARANTEE: You can attend the first 2 days of this event and anytime before the end of the 2nd day, if you aren't happy with what you have received, just come tell me, turn in all the materials from the Event and I'll issue you a full refund. You have nothing to lose...I'll take all the risk!
Want to learn more about our amazing event, you can always contact us directly. We promise to answer all questions and respond to all inquiries.
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